First Vision Symbolism Key
1. Spiraling Down. Journey, mystery and disorientation. Center of one’s self & movement forward to one’s path.
2. Guidance from mysterious friend.
3. Horn; the power of truth, strength salvation. The sounds of a warning.
4. Riding the wave of fear. Fish symbolizes protection against the evil eye.
5. Creature of the night, highly influenced by power of moon, ties in with intuition, psychic awareness. The moth has faith that her needs will be met even in the dark of night.
6. Creativity, energy striving for higher examination, moreover for maturation of personality.
7. The ever protective presence of a mother, over her children.
8. A unifying force, Earth is the embodiment of the concept of home.
9. Represents Mother, serves as illumination in the darkness. 
10. A planet of broader purpose, reach and possibility.
11. Change, purity and cleansing.
12. Ascension, communication with spirit.
13. Messages of direction and warnings.
14. Connection and the receipt of information. 
15. Opening one’s eyes to the messages of guidance that is being presented.

16. Holding on to faith and trusting in the inner voices that guide us. 

17. Walking the dock or path to one's life lessons



Copyright      2010. [Kimie Porter]. All rights reserved.

​ The symbolism key gives the symbolic meaning for the original translation, though not the only translation of the imagery.  Each Dream Vision tells a story and holds it's own frequency, but the energetic meanings and interpretations will differentiate depending on the particular observer.

                                   SACRED  SYMBOLISM

Clients will receive a  symbolism key with each Dream Vision that is commissioned.

I believe the symbolic details are a revelation of one's soul and are therefore sacred, and belonging only to the client.

As a result of this belief, I do not share their personal symbolic details on my website or elsewhere; unless the client has approved or requested otherwise.