Kimie Porter



_noun, any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance into a substance of a significant golden purpose.

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Vice President of Human Resources, Liberty tax Service 

​International Speaker

Certified Hypnotherapist 

Certified Feng Shui Practictioner

Certified Aroma Therapist

Reike Master 

Dream Vision Artist 

Self-professed Energy Alchemist 

Thoughts of an NherG (energy) Alchemist

I believe that we are all just a fusion of energy, vibrating at various frequencies. The level in which we vibrate, determines what we call to ourselves. Our challenge in this life, is to maintain an elevated vibration and embrace the beauty of the moment by living a mindful life and accepting the lessons that we have chosen without judgment or guilt and to know that each individual's journey is all a part of the divine plan.  Throughout our journeys, messages of guidance and information is available to us all; through meditation, dreams, music, animals, symbols etc; however, one has to be aware and open, in order to receive.

By recognizing the Divine Truth in all that we see before us, and holding space for those around us, we are able to lift their vibration. The realities that we have created for ourselves are mere reflections of our continuous journeys throughout this life and the many lives we've lived and every thought that we have is the genesis of this reality.   As we aim for universal divinity,  we should be conscious of maintaining a state of mindfulness, take note of our dreams and also aspire to maintain and project an elevated vibration for ourselves and those who inundate our surroundings.  We start by shifting as individuals, then as a collective whole, until finally we elevate the vibration of the world we live in and ultimately attain a WORLD WIDE frequency of LOVE.

 I view our existence as an opportunity of endless possibilities and with each day that I am gifted, I strive to live a life of my highest purpose by maintaining a state of awareness and sharing the principles of mindfulness .

It is my belief that through meditation and mindfulness, we can...

                                                                        Live a life of Service 

                                                                        Operate from our Heart Space

                                                                        Value all Man Kind 

                                                                        Expand GLOBAL Consciousness

I  maintain trust in the universe and it's divine light and aspire to shine my own and honor the light reflected by all who surround me.  Through mindfulness, I maintain a state of gratitude and recognize the authentic truth of each person that crosses my path.  In service, I am committed to sharing the unlimited possibilities of a mindful existence and will continue to be guided by the messages of my dreams so that I can maintain an extraordinary life filled with 

Dream Visions and L.O.V.E.

Those who have the power to shift energy, has mastered the projection of the Light within.

                                                       Kimie Porter